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Alle aktiviteter med fysisk fremmøde i FOF Aarhus sættes i bero til og med foreløbigt søndag den 7. februar, til det af myndighederne meldes ud, at det igen er forsvarligt at genoptage vores undervisning.

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Billede af Conrad Molden, underviser ved FOF Aarhus

Learn the Art of Stand-Up Comedy

Learn the Art of Stand-Up Comedy

… and practice your English as well!

Stand-up comedians act as anthropologists, modern day philosophers and challenge critical issues. Mastering the art of stand-up comedy is far more than simply being funny; it's a beautiful craft with a rich history that ultimately creates performances which are fun, honest and as real as possible.

This course will take you on a journey from paper, to practice to stage. In the classroom we will look at the nature of stand-up, joke writing, set structure and character creation. As a finale, students will have the option to take to the real stage, in front of a real live audience, to practice our creations and explore delivery. 

The course will be led by professional comedian Conrad Molden, who has been performing in Denmark since 2013, completed two national tours in Denmark, reached the 2018 DM i Stand-Up Final and has his first special streaming on TV2 Play.

The course is taught in English, but students are welcome to write jokes in either Danish or English and have the option to perform in either language at the end of the course.

For more information on your new teacher: visit Conrad Molden on Facebook or