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Billede af koreanske lanterner

Korean 1

Korean 1

This course is for people who would like to develop skills to have basic conversations in Korean. As a native Korean, the teacher will share authentic experience and help you gain cultural insights as well.

However, in the beginning of the course, we will focus on learning the Korean alphabet, Hangeul. Once you are done with memorising the 24 letters of the alphabet, you basically can read (pronounce) anything you see in written Korean.

Homework will be an essential part of the course.

We will use ‘New Sogang Korean 1A Student’s book’ as a main textbook and the matching Workbook along with it. Both books cost a total of approx. 375 kroner + shipping. They can be bought in many places, but the German website sells the books and sends them to Denmark without customs, as it is within the EU. There is a relatively long delivery time at the moment, so do not wait until the last minute to order the books.