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De fleste aktiviteter med fysisk fremmøde - med enkelte undtagelser - sættes i bero til og med foreløbigt torsdag den 20. maj, til det af myndighederne meldes ud, at det igen er forsvarligt at genoptage vores undervisning.

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Billede af en sangskriver med en guitar

Composition and songwriting - online

Composition and songwriting - online

The objective of the course is to learn the fundamental principles of composition and song writing through the study of following:

  • Melodic studies: techniques of guide tone lines, motivic development, melodic form and phrasing.
  • Harmonic studies: the study of popular chord progression in order to create original ones and the study of harmonic rhythm and how it affects the feel of the song.
  • Form studies: the study of the structure of songs in specific styles. The student will be encouraged to create pieces of music in styles like blues, jazz pop funk and rock.
  • Basics of arranging: the student will learn about the dynamic curve of a composition and the impact it has on the feel and on our human emotion.

The course and materials will be in English. Materials are not included in the price.

Online activities are conducted through the video meeting platform Zoom. You can download and use Zoom for free. Once you have enrolled, you will receive an email containing a short user guide of Zoom including a unique link, which will give you access to your course.